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Laproscopy/Keyhole Surgery

Under the supervision of our expert Dr. Prabhjot Singh Hans, the medical staff at Hans Maternity Hospital provides a superb scientific service for laparoscopic surgery. A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that involves making small incisions in the belly or pelvis and utilising a camera for assistance. Our hospital's experienced team performs this procedure to diagnose the wide range of hazardous disorders that have formed in the abdomen or pelvis region. In order to cure gynaecological disorders that have an impact on women's health, doctor Prabhjot Singh Hans specialises in regularly performing laparoscopic procedures. The gynaecological staff of Hans Maternity Hospital's primary goal is to assist the patient in making a quick recovery.

What we offer under this service

  • Hysterectomy
  • Removal Of The Ovaries.
  • Removal Of Ovarian Cysts.
  • Removal Of Fibroids.
  • Blocking Blood Flow To Fibroids.
  • Treatment For Endometriosis.

Factors that makes this Maternity hospital top one

  • Our medical staff aims at treating the harmful conditions developed inside the abdomen and pelvis region by using advanced medical procedures.
  • The hospital has installed private labour suits to ensure the security and safety of the patient.
  • The doctors use sterilized operation tools in order to prevent the formation of harmful infection in the abdomen and pelvis region.
  • We aim at providing a speedy recovery.